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Windows and Balcony Doors

Our selection for your windows and balcony doors.

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BS Porte deals with the production, the sale and the set up installation of windows and balcony doors in the provinces of Vicenza, Treviso and Padua.

Our company produces precious windows and balcony doors. BS Porte’s products last over time and have an highly aesthetic impact.

We manifacture customized products, that are tailored to your needs. Additionally we offer you a wide range of a painting-colour selection.

Recently an European norm has divided Europe in different temperature classes in relation to the windows that should be installed in those countries. Italy has an S climate – Severe Climate Condition. For this reason it is necessary to be careful about the sale and the purchase of windows, because they’re might be suitable for other climates and weathers.

There’s a name to recap these processes: thermal transmittance. The thermal transmittance of a window, is expressed as a U-value and it is the rate of transfer of heat through two rooms with different temperatures, such as an interior and an exterior.

BS Porte  has a long-lasting experience in terms of doors and windows’ sale. Which type is the most suitable for you?

Our proposal includes wood windows, wood-aluminium windows and pvc windows. External windows must be solid and long-lasting, even if they could be exposed to changes in temperature.

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