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BS Porte is active in production, sales and installation of doors in Vicenza Padua and Treviso .

The pvc doors and windows are mobile structures made up of frames and moving doors. BS Porte has gained years of experience in craft production and in window sales . Today we can count on a wide choice of types and materials, offering our customers window and door frames able to satisfy all their needs.

Choosing good window frames is a safety issue first and foremost. Feeling safe in your own home or anywhere you spend time is essential. But not only: choosing frames is also a matter of style. The facades of the buildings have always told a story: ours. The windows and doors are a fundamental part of the image of our house and this is why the care taken in the choice of materials is a point to which we hold much.

Come and choose the windows in our office in the province of Vicenza

BS Porte with its vast choice of products, is ready to guide you in choosing the windows and French windows you will open, in the choice of shutters and entrance doors thanks to which you will feel more secure. We install them throughout the province of Vicenza, Padua and Treviso. The windows and doors are your business card and this is why we have placed great care and attention in the production of doors and windows to provide you with a safe, durable product. nice to look at. This is why we take great care with the sale of PVC windows and doors.

The wooden windows and French windows are classic and timeless while the windows and aluminum wood French doors , combine two materials to leave nothing to chance. And then there is PVC, a modern material that is increasingly used with its particular composition.

The shutters, on the other hand, are essential to protect your home from too much light and bad weather. We have wooden, dark aluminum or dark PVC shutters.

Finally, our selection of entrance doors meets all needs. We have armored entrance doors or in aluminum, PVC and wood in order to give you all the security you need.

We have paid great attention to details so as not to leave anything to chance and offer you a handcrafted product of great workmanship. We have taken care of the smallest details as only artisans can do. This is why we can offer you a vast selection of pvc doors and windows . We are experts in window sales, and we are ready to help you too.

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