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BS Porte deals with the production, the sale and the set up installation of shutters.

In summer shutters are very important to prevent that the sun-light filtres through the windows, and disturbs those who are light-sleeper. In winter, shutters are extremely necessary to protect from cold weather and water damage, instead.

Shutters are an essential component in both summer and winter, whether to get out of the cold or to make shadow.

BS Porte is leader for many years in the production of shutters; here we show a wide selection of shutters, that comform to every style and costumer’s need.

Shutters provide protection against noise pollution, more than cold, sun and rain, and they allow an high energy saving. We offer to our costumers a wide selection of shutters.

The manifacture of wood shutters is essential for BS Porte and its artisans.

Shutters are a classic and long-standind component but nowadays they’re also highly competitive, because of the evolution of the materials and the technological innovation.

Aluminium shutters are lightweight, non-deformable and resistant to corrosion. Pvc shutters are composed by a material, that is well used in the production of doors and windows.

Pvc has unique properties, for example it is a thermal and acoustic insulator, because of its sound-absorbing features.

Pvc shutters combine with every style, from classic to modern or rustic.

For many years BS Porte has sold shutters with a great passion.

Our online gallery contains a wide selection of shutters. You’ll find what you need.

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