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Wood Shutters

Let’s discover our wood shutters

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BS Porte deals with the production, the sale and the set up installation of wood shutters in the provinces of Vicenza, Treviso and Padua.

Wood shutters are a typical, but also a stylistic and material choice. The handmade production of BS Porte provides a wide selection of materials and wood-finishings.

Wood is a living material, and for this reason it will improve the envinromental performance and the air quality.

Wood is a long lasting material and it will be appreciated even more through time. For this reason its mainteinance is important and necessary.

You can protect your wood shutters from athmospheric agents through a careful and systematic mainteinance.

Browse our site and choose the wood shutters more suitable for you.

  • Alla padovana lacquered wood shutter
  • Lacquered wood shutter with internal view of a balcony door
  • Lacquered wood shutter on a window
  • Lacquered wood shutter on a balcony door
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