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PVC Shutters

Discover our pvc shutters.

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BS Porte deals with the supply, the sale and the set up installation of pvc shutters in the provinces of Vicenza, Treviso and Padua.

Instead of window shutters and roller shutters, pvc shutters don’t filter light and guarantee complete darkness.

Pvc shutters have many variations. The material is very innovative and suitable for different rooms and styles.

You can choose the one that suits for you.

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We develop our pre  and post sales assistance to solve every problem, which our costumers have, and to ensure the highest work precision. We guarantee duration and manifacture for every product. We have choosen to be faithful to our handcrafted tradition in accordance with the most modern and tecnologically advanced industrial machines. We are sure we can stay  true to our tradition without giving up innovation.

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