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Our Bespoke Service

We’ll offer a custom-made proposal in terms of doors and windows.

Home  /  Services  /  Our Bespoke Service

Every new door and every new window need quality, safety, but also warranty and beauty.

Our team devotes many years of competence, experience and services to its costumers, in order to manifacture products tailored just for them. We would like to create products to be proud of. To be successful, we need to listen to our costumers’ needs and to choose materials and finishings.


We produce doors and windows tailor-made to every room and setting.

Custom-built doors and windows safeguard the care in the choice, without forgetting the rooms’ appearance.

For this reason, tailored doors and windows are suitable for every room and they redesign, ad hoc, every setting.

BS Porte’s planning in terms of doors, windows and shutters is highly accurate and it is made together with the costumers. We adapt every product to different materials and finishings.

Thanks to our assistance service, we will suggest our costumers the most appropriate solution to suite their needs.

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