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Production, sale and installation of interior doors

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Interior doors are our specialty and we want to help you choose the product that best suits your needs

BS Porte is active in production, sales and installation of interior doors in Vicenza Padua , and Treviso .

Choosing the interior doors that is for the home or office is always very difficult. Which material to choose? The finishes? Color? How can we respect the style of the interior? They are usually the last thing to think about when deciding to furnish or renovate a home, yet the interior doors have a fundamental role in the home; they divide the spaces making them communicating but also functional to our needs, they create a closed space when we need a moment all for ourselves or they are thrown open when, instead, we want to create a single environment. We create interior doors classic modern and in laminate .

In houses of ever smaller sizes, for example, the interior doors are necessary to outline the spaces in a practical way as in the case of housing solutions that need to be modified over time. The house you buy as a couple will not be the same house where you will live with your family. Spaces will change, needs will be different and then creating divisions and reducing spaces to create new ones will be necessary.

Looking for advice on interior doors in Vicenza, Padua or Treviso?

So what do you choose? Which one to choose? The interior doors are a real piece of furniture and as such must integrate with the whole environment, but could also represent the element of contrast between two different furnishing lines. We are experts in door building and door sales that are right for you.

It’s not just about personal taste, sometimes, in fact, the choice of interior doors is also due to the needs of environments. For example, the solid interior doors prevent light from entering and are suitable for night clubs. Glass or glass doors are increasingly trendy because they are used more and more often as dividers between kitchen and living areas, while in living areas with unique rooms they create a subtle separation between kitchen and living room.

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